If you are new to Oxford Editing and would like to see how we would edit your paper, please fill out the submission form below. The form prompts you for the information we need to know, such as your desired completion date for the full edit; whether American, British, or Canadian English; and your style guide or target journal. While the form provides a price quote, the sample (diagnostic) edit that the editor does is the way we determine the actual cost of the edit. We do take your request into account, however.

Please be sure to submit your complete manuscript so the editor can understand the context and consider the full scope of the work. Knowing the full scope of the work also helps us determine if we can meet your deadline. If you cannot send the full paper for some reason, please let us know, and we will attempt to accommodate you, but generally the editor does need to start from the beginning (and look at the full paper) to do the most representative sample edit.

The other key purpose of the sample edit is to show you how the assigned editor will edit the full paper so that you can decide if you like the editor’s editing style.

The sample edit is 10 percent of a submitted manuscript that is under 5,000 words, and 500 words of a manuscript that is over 5,000 words. We offer this no-obligation sample edit the first time you submit a document to Oxford Editing.

Please submit your entire manuscript for the no-obligation sample edit. With the entire document, we can evaluate the structure of the document and provide you with a firm price quote.

Please note that we will undertake sample edits only if we can do the full edit; if the paper is not one we can edit, then we cannot do a sample edit.

Preferred File Format

We prefer to edit in Microsoft Word so that the editor can track the changes and you can see all the edits. Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature shows you all the changes that your editor recommends. With the changes highlighted, you can review the edits and then “Accept All Changes” after you have rejected any changes you disagree with. The Track Changes feature also provides a means for the editor to annotate and comment in the margin regarding any potentially significant changes; explain their suggested changes; ascertain that they have understood the meaning should there be any ambiguity in the original wording; or call out or flag a potential problem, such as lack of clarity or the need to add more information.

Editing LaTeX Source Files

If you wrote your paper in LaTeX, some editors can edit the LaTeX source file in Overleaf. Overleaf allows for the tracking of changes and making comments. Editors who cannot use Overleaf prefer editing in Word over a .pdf because it shows the changes and comments. The hourly fee for editing in Overleaf is $65.

For a Word approach, we recommend pasting the text into a Word or .doc file. (We can also open an .rtf or .txt file in Word. We don’t recommend using a converting program to convert from a .pdf to Word.) After we have returned the edited document to you and you have removed the comments and accepted or rejected the edits, you can do a Save As .txt file and then convert to a .tex file.

How to Submit Your Document

If you are an established client, please feel free to send your paper directly, attaching it to an email and sending it to susan@oxfordediting.com. Just please remember to state your desired completion date, your style guide or journal name, the level of edit you are looking for, whether you would like to include the reference list in the edit, and any other instructions that would help the editor to carry out your expectations.

Please prepare your document as follows prior to submitting it:

  • Submit a clean file without markups (tracked changes or comments).
  • Type your first and last name at the front of the file name.
  • Send a Word file, not a .pdf.
  • Send a single file if possible, that is, please don’t break up your single manuscript into multiple files.
  • Send a .pdf with the journal’s submission guidelines.

Please fill out the following form to submit a quote request.