Oxford Editing provides professional editing for academic authors for a competitive price and with a rapid turnaround.


Oxford Editing specializes in editing academic documents. We have been editing research papers, books, conference papers, and dissertations and theses for 13 years, and our experienced team collectively had over 100 years of experience. We also edit public health reports and training manuals, research grant proposals, application and job promotion materials (that is, teaching philosophy statements, research statements, letters, and CVs), textbooks, website copy, and business documents. Our editorial services include proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, developmental editing, checking formatting of references and documents, checking citations, and indexing.

We strive to deliver first-rate, professional editing services to help our clients get their documents published or receive funding.

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Why Choose Oxford Editing’s Academic Editing Service

Personalized Academic Editing Services

Your editor brings years of experience, expertise, and education, as well as a lot of brain power and heart to your manuscript. The editor’s job is to serve as your advocate, working deeply, intelligently, and with precision to ensure that your manuscript is the best that it can be and is as flawless as possible.

Experience and Expertise

We carefully vet our professional editors, most of whom are full-time academic writing and language specialists. They have worked as professional editors for decades; all are native speakers of English, and they have helped countless authors across the world prepare their work for publication or receive funding for grant proposals.

Confidentiality and Security

Our professional editors treat your material with the utmost respect and hold it in the strictest confidence. We will never release any information about our clients or their work to a third party. We are happy to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) upon request.


How It Works

First Step: Submit a Document for a Quote

To submit a document for a price quote and sample edit, please click here. Please send your entire document for the sample edit and cost estimate. We must have the complete document to evaluate the cost as well as the turnaround time the editor will need. In some instances, we will evaluate a portion of a document. Without the entire document, we cannot provide you with a firm price quote.

Second Step: Assessing Your Manuscript

Once we receive your manuscript, we note any editing instructions you provide, especially your final deadline; the journal name or stylistic guide, such as Chicago Manual of Style; and whether you require British or American English. We then identify an editor in or familiar with your field who can meet your deadline. The editor prepares a diagnostic sample edit of 500 words for documents containing 5,000 words or more, or 10 percent of submissions under 5,000 words. The sample edit demonstrates how your editor would edit your paper. We also use it to calculate the cost of editing your paper based on the editing level the sample edit reveals.

The diagnostic sample edit determines what editing level the manuscript requires: a light edit, which is a line edit, or copy edit (grammar, word choice, punctuation, and formatting style); a medium edit, which may contain a higher volume of line edits and some substantive edits, such as analysis of and proposed solutions for structural problems; and a heavy edit, which may have a higher volume of substantive edits and/or line edits. Please note that we cannot under-edit and would not over-edit.

For information on the genres and subjects we edit, please click here.

Need more info?

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Please note that we prefer to conduct all communications in email and ask that you please send your questions to us by email. We do not discuss work over the phone.

ESL Editing

We help English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) authors by doing the same checking for grammar, punctuation, word choice, and coherence that we do for native English speakers. This includes analyzing any ambiguous text and proposing a concise solution you can consider. » Find out more about our ESL services.

How We Charge

We price our academic editing services based on a variety of criteria. » Find out more about our pricing.


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We edit a wide range of document types, including but not limited to research papers, application papers, public health training manuals, grant proposals, and so on. » Explore the full list of genres that we edit.